About Us

The Community Library is an extension of Healthy Seminars. Our Library was inspired during the early stages of the pandemic to bring a sense of community, connection and a tribe to connect with, all while learning and expanding our knowledge.

At Healthy Seminars, we wanted people to come together to be at our live lectures and create a sense of community to help us deal with the fear and anxiety and feelings of isolation related to the uncertainty many were feeling and experiencing at that time. 

The free lectures provided the space for people to connect and also give them the opportunity to interact with peers and question and answer periods with the speaker. We made the lectures available for a short period of time to give access to people who may not have been available to watch the live lecture.

When users asked to see the lectures after they had been taken down, we saw an opportunity to create the library for users to replay the lectures at their convenience. The library rapidly expanded as we started to add past lectures reaching as far back as technology allowed.

We are offering these resources (no CEU/PDAs) for the love of learning.

The Community Library consists of short lectures (no CEU/PDAs) that are packed with information for people who would like to spend an hour or less to watch and learn. It is also an incredible resource to see and hear the teaching styles of our speakers before purchasing a CEU course

Healthy Seminars also offers continuing education and comprehensive longer courses. To see our upcoming lectures and webinars (CEU/PDA Approved) visit healthyseminars.com/resources where you can find upcoming community library live webinars, and CEU/PDA approved courses.