10-month Mentorship Program

The Soul’s Process of Transformation

Every moment life is rebirthed

Deep within every cell is a force that creates; a force that heals.

Too mysterious to be given a name,

The whole earth is pregnant with it.

The time is now to discover it

So the immortal embryo may arise.

The path of the Tao has always been about waking up

From the cosmos to the embryo to you as the microcosm, the soul has been inscribed with everything it needs to reach the pure peace and joy of enlightenment; we were imprinted with our own unique path to discover it in utero. If you don’t know it, feel it, live and practice from your highest level of consciousness, perhaps a little rebirthing course can cast off outdated ways of being so you may arise refreshed.

This journey is for

• Anyone who longs for the ancient wisdom of the soul’s incarnation

• Those who feel lost, stagnant or burned out

• If you’ve lost confidence in yourself, life or humanity

• If you want a deeper sense of meaning and purpose

• If you are not feeling complete and usefully whole

• If you want to offer the same to your patients

The Taoists viewed incarnation as a divine process that implanted the ten aspects of our soul’s journey during the ten lunar months of pregnancy. This sets the stage for ten phases that govern every life. Birthing and rebirthing are metaphors to be tapped into throughout life, to challenge the narratives we may have believed yet which aren’t in alignment with the dictates of our own souls. Now that the earth is presently undergoing her own rebirthing, so must humanity.

We, as children of the Tao 子, are the ever evolving seeds of tomorrow, should we accept the invitation into the transformative portal of the Mysterious Pass. Birthing is not an ascending scholarly path but a descent into the Valley Spirit, guided by the Mysterious Mother whose journey we will embark upon together.

Meet Your Mentor

Dr. Lewis is the founder of Eastern Harmony clinic in Houston, Texas, The Fertile Soul Retreat process, and the Continuing Excellence in Fertility Professionals Program. She teaches for the integrative doctoral program at Daoist traditions College of medical arts. She has kept up a regular qi gong and meditative practice and uses elemental self-inquiry and body wisdom meditative and movement processes in her work.

I return to the peace and tranquility in the Heart where I give myself over to the Tao’s whole making function. Here in the cave of renewal it is quiet and dark. Xuan, is the dark, obscure primordial beginning lying in wait to be brought into the light. Suspended in the mystery of inner darkness, the great ancestor and I are one. The moon rises within. The eight winds begin to stir; and blowing in from the eight directions, the eight immortals arrive to assist. I give birth to myself.

Ever since I started working in fertility, I was drawn to the poetic metaphors of the Tao. The process of incarnation takes one from pure Shen by gradations into pure Jing. The “threads of heaven” that hook onto Ming Men remain connected to heaven, and when we cultivate our inner senses, this intuitive guidance leads us back to our soul’s destiny.


While we will study the methodology of fertility, incarnation, gestation and delivery, we all know from the classics that it isn’t what you know that heals, but who you are. Lao Tzu says that to know ourselves is wisdom. Mastery begins and ends with oneself. The highest form of Chinese Medicine is to become a divine healer. But first we must come to know our own divinity inside and out, before we can help another transform.

Birthing the Tao Mentorship (BTM) is a year long process to gestate and give birth to your true self, returning to the markings that were etched into your own soul. This is the foundational work to find and live your true destiny, unencumbered by unresolved conflict, which you can then offer to your patients, whether they are coming to you for fertility, pregnancy, menopause, cancer or depression. While this will utilize an educational material and self inquiry worksheets from the textbook, Birthing The Tao, the majority of work we will do is internal and transformative. This is the guide for the soul that we’ve all been missing.

Beginning with pre-conception energetics, we will begin to look at the reason for our incarnation. We will then follow the development of the soul beginning with the Liver and ending with the Urinary Bladder.

Over ten modules lasting one year, Dr. Lewis will offer:

  • 10 educational 2 hour CEU live webinar each month (total of 10 modules for a total of 20 CEU/PDA)
  • Two 60 min office hours monthly
  • Homework for each self inquiry process
  • Interactive forums to go over our discovery process together
  • An optional live retreat
  • Tools & processes for inner transformation and healing

We will inhabit the ritual process of that which allows all new endeavors to arise. We will look at the Po souls, the animal soul of embodiment, and how it sets the stage for our life lessons. What do we need in order for this new order to come through?

The first phase of any new endeavor sets the preparatory stage for how the pre-heavenly realm will be made manifest. As we enter the first phase of the soul’s incarnation, new life is dreamed into existence as Wood energies supply the life blood through which the glimmer of the thing hoped for gains substance. What is the deepest, dreamed for thing?

The Pericardium establishes resonance with the Heart

Zong Qi and Fetal Education provide the epigenetic programming that will establish the initial blueprint that each being is meant to follow. If the being chooses not to accept its curriculum, the system will abort. How are we in alignment with the resonance of the Heart?

Once the life path is accepted, Shen infuses the form with a preprogrammed curriculum, which will establish the life themes the individual will encounter. What lessons will emerge, and how to redeem Shen from Jing along the path of life.

San Jiao establishes the Tree of life and the five agents of the soul

The Triple Energizer, has no form – only function; and Its initial function is to allocate the unified left and right Kidney’s essential Qi up the ladder of the spine, to the back Shu points in a certain unique way, never to be repeated in another human being, ever. Now the unique aspects of the five agents will be received. What am I becoming?

Integration begins with the Earth element. The Spleen banks our lessons, while heaven blows six pitches of vibration through each of the newly developing Fu organs. The Stomach is the grand Fu organ, on which the cosmic origin plays a unique song of the soul like a celestial calliope, reminding each of their original nature. These tubes are conduits of emptiness, and the soul’s call back to itself; an ancient anthem in which we all long to participate. 

Earth becomes breath. The canopy of the Lungs opens up the heavens to reveal the stars, which open the seven orifices to absorb the light of the celestial bodies. Now we must relinquish the old to proceed toward rebirth. What must we relinquish in order for the new order to be established?

The upper Dan TIen is programmed by the movement of the heavenly bodies to determine how our curriculum will be carried out moment by moment. This spiritual force is provided by the Hun, the three rarefied aspects of the spirit that provide the ability to envision new potentials as well as the strength to realize them. The Hun provide a connectivity beyond ego communication, that links up the small and supposed separate self with a truer, more expansive sense of ourselves where we have access to eternity and imaginal realms. Associated with Wood and residing in the Liver, the Hun provide movement for the Shen in time.

The Kidneys hold the mystery of our watery origin which perpetually flows into life, ensuring continuity of vital circulations through the meridians. At this phase the life force has reached a certain completion in exteriorization. Now comes an inner compression, which, like fear, heralds the stirrings of new things coming into being. Everything has matured and is in its correct place, and is exhibiting just the right amount of movement. Now we must wait in the great unknown for a new light to direct us onward.

Birthing is not just an event, but a process. It is a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic arising where eons ago, the eight winds, previously at rest, began to stir, producing a current through which the Tao was quickened into being. Every time a new consciousness is being birthed, the center of our earthly being first destabilizes, so something new can erupt. As we surrender to the Tao, a new universe is rebirthed through us.

Goals and Objectives