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Course Instructors

Introduction and Course Material

Administration Issues  

General Questions and Chat Forum

Clinical Case Histories

Research Literacy 

MAMPS Library: Written Resources

MAMPS Library: Video Resources   

Sharing your Favourite Point Stories    

MAMPS Team Projects 

Module 1: Updating Covid 19

Module 2: Updating The Essential Guide to Acupuncture for 2021 

Module 3: Treating Pre eclampsia: Potential and Clinical Realities 

Module 4 Pre birth and Induction 

Module 5: The First Trimester – luteal phase, vaginal bleeding, nausea and hyperemesis  

Module 6: The Second Trimester: Lower back and pelvic pain and Breech 


Module 7: Postpartum care 

Module 8: Preparing for Labour – bringing it together to manage ‘hormonal  gaps’ 

Module 9: Racial Inequity and Cultural Inequality and Cultural Bias effecting Maternal Health Care 

Module 10   Maternity Acupuncture Outreach 

CEU Certificate – Advanced Acupuncture in Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Care