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  • Debra Betts

    March 5, 2021 at 12:48 am

    Hi Kari

    Great post to start with – we only had a short full on lock down here but I did run some acupressure sessions – there were one on one and I found it really interesting – it was different being in the couples home and the partners seemed more relaxed, cracking jokes, asking more questions etc. It was extra work though – I was using Jane as a tele heath program. So they made an appointment and I sent them through a questionnaire and the acupressure sheets from my website asking them to practice so we could trouble shoot on the video session – Then when we meet. I was able to split the screen so I could bring up the worksheets in one screen and then watch them find the points. Then I would send them a follow up e mail with a summary of any special points to focus on and pictures of any other points they could also use – lots of stress points ! Then the follow up! I only did 6 sessions (once we came out of strict lockdown and people could visit practitioners they were no longer interested) but did come away from each sessions with a feeling of more connection than I was expecting – Kate mentions in her lecture some research about oxytocin via telehealth!