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  • Amy Mager

    March 5, 2021 at 3:16 am

    I talk about kidney one as it being what roots us to the earth. Raven Lang taught me that a Guatemalan midwife taught her that midwifes need to walk a mile every day barefoot to be grounded. That is a midwifery interpretation of kidney one and what it does. I think of kidney one through the lens of rooting midwifery patients. I see the value of acupressure and I love also as Kari noted the use of essential oil’s here. I am a fan of using Neroli/sweet orange to bring ease.

    I was at a surprise homebirth of twins many years ago and there were significant complications. Not the least of the complications were the surprise twins. The mom had some blood loss and her blood pressure was sky high, and she told me she was going to leave her body now and I told her that she needed to stay because her babies needed and I inserted a one and a half inch needle into kidney 1. She came back into her body and I called some midwives I knew who were not in attendance at the birth and told them something was wrong but I couldn’t name what was wrong. I acknowledge that I was not a midwife and did not play one on TV but something was wrong. The next day, the midwives powwow and transferred this woman to the hospital and it turned out that she had HELLP. In the end everything turned out OK but it’s a reminder that when we see something/someone taking out of best practice guidelines, we are obligated to speak up & step up.