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  • Debra Betts

    March 6, 2021 at 10:22 pm

    Oh and just to add to the discussion on using KID 1 – I have this video of using it in labour with needles. Poor quality I’m afraid (around 15 years old!) but if you can, turn up the sound and listen you can hear the birthing sounds change as KID 1 is needled ( She had a previous delivery that did not go well- as a nurse she had ended up in the resuscitation of her own baby several minutes after delivery as here were not nursing staff around). Baby was eventually OK but ended up emergency transfer to another hospital for intensive care. This labour was originally slow – when I arrived the baby was posterior ( you can also see needles in SP 6 and BL 60 ) Labour quickly changed and then suddenly she started saying she could not go through giving birth again – was panicking …so I used needles on KID 1 and her partner started filming on his phone. She had also just qualified as an acupuncturist so you can hear her asking if its in yet (when I was manipulating the point with a 1.5 inch needle to depth – also her saying I can’t feel it yet and then me telling her it was in to depth) You can also hear her saying how nice the point felt.

    She became very calm – so calm in fact the midwife thought she had gone out of labour but on examination she was 8 cm and labour progressed nicely.

    I was surprised KID 1 felt so good to her to have needled and she went on to attend birth for others and often used KID 1 when women were kneeling with needles…

    Anyway just wanted to share what useful point it can be with needles during labour and hope you can access this old video clip