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  • Emilie Salomons

    March 12, 2021 at 4:19 pm

    HI Kari,

    I’m late to the game posting on here, but like everyone else, I have done acupressure via webinar platforms (HS) and on zoom. I did an international one (which was nice because it meant I didn’t have to fly to Sudan 😉 and I’ll be doing another larger one via zoom for the Doula Association, but I agree that it’s not as nice as showing groups in person and I feel like people don’t leave quite as confident as if they are shown in a hands on format. But overall it’s been positive.
    Letting people know to watch with a partner/friend/family member (usually preg clients will tune in with a partner or friend, but it’s a good reminder if you’re also teaching doulas for them to tune in on line with someone in their home if possible). This allows them time to practice immediately and the opportunity for real time feedback. If you are doing regular classes with your clients, you can have each person have a moment to show you their location and give feedback (maybe under 10 people?). Keep us posted on how it goes!!

    One day we will all get back to the in-person classes (as well as dinners and dates with friends) and won’t that be glorious!!!