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  • Debra Betts

    March 24, 2021 at 7:57 pm

    Hi Tansy – thanks for your thoughts and good to hear you find it useful in early pregnancy as well. 🙂 My apologies if I was not clear in the post above, but just want to clarify -I am not actually recommending KID 9 as a preventive treatment at 3 and 6 months …. more that I have found KID 9 to be useful for calming the uterus

    Although the term ‘beautiful baby point’ has been passed down by teachers and can be found in the older texts – It does seem to me, and would love to hear others thoughts on this -but from what I found in the French text the 3 and 6 month treatment was a misunderstanding relating to something that was happening at the time with Syphilis ( which would not have been effective, at three months the infection would not have crossed the placenta and you could not always observe if the baby had indeed been infected at birth).

    The rationale of why KID 9 would have this effect just seems more mythical or wishful thinking than something useful to promote – I certainly am not going to give women a money back guarantee if there babies were born with allergies! And know many acupuncturists who used this on themselves and had children with allergies /that did not sleep well etc !

    Would rather practitioners talked about a well pregnancy check at 3 and 6 months to address wellness and preventive care for the common problems of pregnancy many women just accept ( back pain, heart burn, insomnia etc ). Maybe indeed KID 9 is used but it would be part of a package of care ( also has emotional aspects etc )

    Would love to hear others comments on this as part of the idea of these forums is to create discussion and share viewpoints 🙂