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  • Anita Curry

    March 29, 2021 at 7:39 pm

    I have had patients request this point because they heard it will “make” babies sleep better after they’re born. I had never heard of this response to KI9 before so your historical explanation is so interesting. An acupuncturist I used to work with referred to KI9 as the “happy baby” point and we would use it to help prevent miscarriages along with DU20; happy baby+happy mommy point.

    I use a fine solid gold Japanese needle with a stainless steel handle (much cheaper) to needle KI9. Something I learned in Japan. I sell the needle to the patient for $10 and keep it in a safe, sterile place for them.

    I never thought to use KI9 for premature contractions or prodromal labor. It makes perfect sense. Thank you!

    For IVF post-transfer, would you needle Ki9 instead of Sp8? Or are there times you would use both?

    Anita Curry