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  • Lori Wilson

    March 31, 2021 at 5:07 am

    Hi Stephanie,

    Sorry to hear you have been sick. I’m sure the group will get into tongue and pulse diagnosis with you so we can all understand your pattern a little more – it would be lovely if you could post a picture of your tongue as this was a big topic of discussion yesterday and one I think we all have deep interest in.

    Meanwhile, two of the general remedies I have been suggesting to help prevent COVID from going sideways is Garlic Force by New Chapter 1 pill 2x/day and MycoShield by Host Defense – taken as rx on the bottle. Garlic Force is super strength – literally, each pill is approx 2 bulbs (not cloves) of Garlic and as you may know Garlic inhibits cytokine storm. MycoShield is a blend of mushrooms that have shown to have antiviral properties. Since both of these items are foods I feel comfortable recommending them, for herbs I would like more information.

    Here is a link to Garlic Force:


    Link to MycoShield:


    My family and I appear to have had COVID in Feb 2019, before we knew it was in the US and there wasn’t any testing of yet. My illness began with trouble breathing that lasted for approx 24 hours prior to a fever, once the fever began I could breath easier, shortly thereafter I began a cough that last about 4 weeks and intense fatigue that lasted 3+ weeks. The other members of my family didn’t get the shortness of breath, only me. I of course was managing all my symptoms with the arsenal of herbs and vitamins I have here at home, but I really think it was the Garlic Force that kept me from going sideways especially with all that we know now.

    With my patients I suggest staying on both of these remedies until they reach the 30 day marker from onset of illness.

    Let me know if you have questions or if anything needs clarification.

    Hope you feel better!!