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  • Jennifer Cahoon

    April 4, 2021 at 1:39 pm

    Hi Everyone, this case started yesterday and I have a few questions for the group.

    34 y/o primigravida

    EDD April 30th

    Prior to 35 week visit baby was in head down position.

    Breech presentation assessed at 35 weeks due to the area Mom was feeling baby move.

    Breech presentation confirmed with ultrasound on Friday 4/2/2021.

    Patient has tried spinning babies, Cat/cow stretches, Downward Dog and is talking to baby to turn if safe. Amy I also added your suggestions to turn the photographs upside down in her home.

    External cephalic version to be scheduled for 37 weeks either April 9th or 12th.

    Patient was told she has optimal amniotic fluid levels per 3-D ultrasound for the ECV procedure and was told baby’s head is at the top of uterus which is a good place to turn.

    Patient was also told she has anterior placenta.

    Patient also reported mild heartburn that has stated within the last week after meals in the evening, small hemorrhoids that have started and are not painful or bleeding, and mid thoracic area pain after working that is better with rest. Patient is a physical therapist and is planning on working full time until 38 weeks.

    I am asking the patient to have approval from her OB to begin acupuncture treatment to prepare for ECV in the hopes that baby will turn on his own before the ECV procedure.

    Does anyone have experience with treating breech presentation with an anterior placenta? Would you still recommend moxa at 36 weeks with an anterior placenta? Are there any precautions or modifications during acupuncture treatments with an anterior placenta if baby is not breech?

    Thank you