• Teresa Fons

    May 1, 2021 at 5:43 pm

    Hi everyone! I’m 5 years out of school and 4 years into practice. I’m located in Milwaukee (north shore). I’ve had a bit of a rough time gaining momentum in practice. I wanted focus on trauma and that led me to Yvonne’s book on the 8EV’s which led me to googling her to see if she had any classes and it was perfect timing as it was just a couple months before this mentorship was about to start. Everything you say, Yvonne, resonates so much with me, and I’ve been feeling like my education was just so incomplete/only scratching the surface. I’m so excited to dive into the complimentary channels and find a community of like minded practitioners. Other than my acupuncturist that I see, I feel really alone in the profession, even in a city filled with other acu’s. I’m absolutely thrilled to be here!

    Teresa Fons