• Monica Zimmerman

    May 18, 2021 at 4:11 pm

    Hello! I’ve been practicing in Portland, OR, for almost 17 years. I mostly have worked with people going through huge transitions in life – with people at an immune clinic and through a program called ElderPlace. Due to the Pandemic – I switched out of the immune clinic for a clinic nearer to my house serving the general public. Through these work experiences I see the need to stay true to the medicine. There is a huge pull to practice the medicine in terms of filter / lens from a western standpoint. I was fortunate to study with Jeffrey Y (1x) and also take several of Yvonne’s courses but like someone else said – I’m finding I need to hear the material again and again to have it stick. What encouraged me to sign up for this is to hopefully understand the curriculum concept and how that applies to the work we do with others and for ourselves. I’m also deeply interested in trauma, ancestor healing, and the emotional and spiritual aspects of the work. Thank you.