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  • Debra Betts

    May 30, 2021 at 2:45 pm

    Hi Brodie

    Oh I did not appear to have received notification of this earlier post – as far as I am aware placenta abruption is just one of those adverse events that is still not fully understood in western medicine – and for me in TCM as well – don’t personally see it as the result of something like liver qi stagnation or spleen qi depletion but rather as a trauma within the uterus that just occurs . As for postnatal treatment – just need to support what ever is happening with her. Although its terribly sad I have found women appreciate someone that they can talk to that is not family and friends as they work their way through the grief . And we give them support and treatment and self help with moxa, post natal recovery etc they find useful. I have seen all sorts of reactions but usually at some time there is real anger….we do many things but I have found creating a safe space for women to vent this had been appreciated . But really its just about treating what you see and what is the most important for her at the time. Hope that’s helpful …