• Ellen van der Beek

    June 3, 2021 at 3:32 am

    Hi everyone, my name is Ellen I am from the Netherlands like Janneke but I have been living and practicing in Brussels since 2004. After my graduation in acupuncture I felt very disappointed in the results of my treatments and have been searching for a deeper understanding by following lots of courses everywhere in Europe. It took me quite sone time to finally discover the real power of TCM through amongst others Heiner Fruehauf, Jeffrey Yuen, CT Holman and finally Yvonne. I ordered your book Yvonne and enrolled for a course in Belgium which was then cancelled because of Covid. Then I was lucky to find this mentorship program which was even better. I am dedicated to help people in my practice to get into a better position to fulfill their curriculum, I am sure this course is going to expand my tools and knowledge, so I am very excited to be here 🙂