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  • Jennifer Cahoon

    June 16, 2021 at 1:21 pm

    Just about 10 years ago a 34 y/o nulliparous patient had an ECV and at 40 weeks contractions were not starting. We had done pre-birth acupuncture treatments and a labor preparation treatment at 41 weeks to prepare for the scheduled medical induction. After the labor preparation treatment the patient woke in the night and baby was not active. Baby had typically been the most active in the night. When the patient arrived at the hospital Baby had passed. I was with the patient through labor and delivery. During delivery we learned the cord was wrapped around Baby’s neck 2 times. Mom did not want any testing or an autopsy performed on Baby. I had searched many research articles to try to find a correlation to stillborn babies, tried to learn more about red flags in this situation and talked to my OB. All were inconclusive at the time. The breech presentation I worked with a few months back was the first time I had worked with a breech and possible ECV patient since this had occurred. The guidance from this group was tremendously helpful because I wouldn’t have wanted to intervene.