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  • Tansy Briggs

    June 30, 2021 at 6:31 am

    Hello Renee – I think that is great you are doing home visits for Postpartum women. It is so needed! This happens to be one of my specialities in that it is a very important time for women that can affect their health for a long time depending on how their postpartum goes. Since it is a time where we don’t see them coming to the office as much, I have developed ways to support by helping them prepare before birth and targeted home care after birth (although I don’t do home visits anymore). I also do telehealth for this time as well. I wrote a guidebook for this time for my patients to encompass basics plus nutrition. Keeping a warm digestion is key, along with acupuncture and herbal therapy. I also incorporate abdominal wrapping and other things to support healing. The main target initially postpartum is to return the abdomen (restore the core) to it’s original position, smooth out the hormone cliff (sometimes this is a endocrine/hormone rescue treatment), address any complications, pain, breastfeeding issues etc. I tend to use my TDP lamp a lot for warming as we can’t do moxa in our office. Some women are also sensitive to the moxa smoke (I happen to be allergic – so have developed many ways to work around this). Smokeless moxa is ok and get some same benefits as the regular – but can be frustrating to get started sometimes (have a good long lighter torch you use for grilling!). Happy to talk more as this is a HUGE subject (in my opinion) and overall pattern differentiation really works to your benefit during this time. My patients get tired of me saying ‘rest’, ‘stay horizontal as much as possible first 30 days’, ‘keep your digestion warm’, and ‘no lifting or bouncing exercise until the core is healed’… lol. Sometimes they actually listen 🙂