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  • Kate Levett

    July 6, 2021 at 3:44 pm

    Hi Ali

    In Japanese acupuncture Ki9 has 2 locations, the standard location at the edge of the gastrocnemius muscle or located 3 cun below Ki10, where there is a tender spot. Much of its function comes from being a xi cleft point – it has connections to the organ and meridian ensuring flow of blood.

    It is so wonderful for pregnancy – it is used as part of a dexot treatment, so again the idea of cleansing the uterus, but also for the skin with conditions like eczema, which can break out during pregnancy. It is also part of a thyroid treatment, if the person’s thryoid is part of their fertility picture or thyroid function is changed in pregnancy, or if they are quite cold and the thyroid reflex is tender.

    Ki9 is also indicated for releasing Sp20 indicating some emotional component. Sp20, up in the chest/front of the shoulder, near Lu1, in the 2nd intercostal space – if tender can indicates an emotional component – kind of like a protection that someone brings their shoulders forward when they are experiencing some sadness or worry. And that creates some tightness in that area, and Ki9 relaxes the area.

    I love this point – it is one of my favourites! 🙂