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  • Claudia Citkovitz

    July 10, 2021 at 11:58 am

    I absolutely use scalp points in labor.

    Diana I’m super interested to discuss your Balance map — I have been using the Zhu map in which the Du channel maps onto itself with Du20 as Du20 and the EOP as the sacrum (it does actually feel like a tiny little sacrum when you palpate it). I almost always find that any back pain is mapped perfectly onto the space between the Du and UB channel there, and so I put in a bunch of short needles at tender points around the EOP for sacral pain. Can you flip it either way front to back?

    Ali 100% agreed it’s simple noninvasive and won’t get in trouble as scalp needles are very stable. I like the Dr. Zhu needles he sells on his website, they have shorter handles and longer shafts than regular ear needles, but ear needles are fine too https://scalpacupuncture.org/practitioners/shop/

    Interestingly I have never used them much for regular labor pain, though Du24 is my go to for pubic symphysis pain, it’s always atomically tender. So now I will look for TTP at the area above it and see if that helps….