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  • Claudia Citkovitz

    July 10, 2021 at 12:25 pm

    So Sharon Weizenbaum talks about Ren needing to be ‘open through’ for Qi and Blood to descend from the breasts to the Uterus and leave properly. Signs of not open through include breast distension (PMS or postpartum) as well as general liver qi stagnation signs. Herbs include qing pi, mai ya, gua lou, dan shen, yu jin. If you don’t do herbs Mai Ya is just barley and yu jin is a cousin of turmeric. It seems like it might be bleeding due to blood stasis, I would palpate her abdomen to see if there’s excess in the uterine area and if so think about promoting contractions (ie LI4 SP6), or conversely if the area is deficient to raise Qi. Curious to hear how she presents.