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  • Kate Levett

    July 12, 2021 at 9:54 pm

    Hi Sarah

    The thryoid reflex and treatment is a Japanese acupuncture technique/practice, which I have learned variously from Kiiko Matsumuto, Yoshi Shimamura and Paul Movsession in Australia.

    I find it to be a really great part of the fertility and pregnancy treatments, and is often a subclinical presentation, with signs of fatigue and usually thinning eyebrows at the edges, but not positive on blood tests. But if the reflex is positive, I will use the treatment. If bloods are positive, I will definitely use the treatment. There is a difference for hypo and hyper, but mostly it’s hypo which is indicated.

    I did a weekend workshop years ago, where I received the treatment several times over the course of the weekend, and I have no demonstrable thryoid issues, however it runs in my family, with my 3 sisters and father have varying levels of hypothyroid. After the weekend I felt absolutely amazing after a whole weekend of working on it! I am often slightly fatigued because life is busy, so this was a real boost to mood and energy.

    The reflex is either at St9 (beside the Adam’s apple), where the thyrohioyd muscle is or at the base of the SCM, where the muscle bifurcates. In palpating toward the midline in both cases, if there is tenderness, that is a positive reflex. I use the pads of the first two fingers, so that it’s not too sharp a palpation and gently press towards the midline.

    You are looking for the treatment points which are tender, and reduce the tenderness of the reflex point at St9 or SCM. They must release the reflex, or they are not your point.

    Points are Ki9 + L.I.15 (detox Rx) + Lu4 + TW4 + eustacian tube points + BL39/40, 58 and 60. I also add Lv8 if it reduces the reflex and if their L middle pulse is deficient (Lv blood xu).

    Hope that helps