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  • Debra Betts

    July 13, 2021 at 2:14 am

    Hi Ciara

    Just wondering any update on this woman? My own experience has been that the moxa can be useful in these cases ( not that we get your heatwaves but we do get summer and have seen those elephantiasis lower legs – if you points such as SP 6 fluid just oozes out which can be disconcerting!) I think of it as a underlying yang depletion failing to move the fluids – which need to return to the kidneys and be urinated out. Even if there is some heat- the fluids need to move ! Moxa on SP 9 and ST 36 is fine to me unless it feels like it generates unpleasant heat symptoms – and then I ask the women to do every second day …if you are promoting a return to assist the yang it does not seem to be a conflict with pathological heat but just what i have seen ….its using moxa as a home treatment every day for 5 mins each point -for ten days … women can also discontinue if they do not like and rule of thumb after 5 -6 days they notice increase in urination ( amount – not frequency) and reduced swelling …. Please keep us updated – I think its really important for you to follow through on your concerns…