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  • Susan Wallmeyer

    August 2, 2021 at 6:16 am

    Just an update on this patient- she ended up coming in for 3 sessions, and had improved quite a bit after each time. After her 3rd visit she reported no longer needing to use the catheter for urination, she was now able to have a bowel movement without much pain, enough energy to go for a 20 min walk and the overall urinary and pelvic floor tension was greatly reduced- that day she had been able to sit down on the subway without pain.

    I did use Debra’s points of Ren 3 to De-Qi and St 13, as well as moxa on her lower abdomen, Sp 10, Lv 4 and Sp 6.

    I would have liked to continue treatments but she cancelled our last session due to some type of emergency with her house, and hasn’t rescheduled. I plan on checking in with her as it’s now been a few weeks. I do know she had a plan with her OB to go in every other week to check the size of the hematoma so it will be interesting to know how quickly it’s been shrinking.

    Thanks everyone for your help on this case!