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  • Kate Levett

    August 2, 2021 at 8:31 pm

    This discussion of Ki9 had me thinking about point prescriptions from the classic literature. This is the list of indications for Ki9 (not sure of the original source).

    1 Strong spirit disorders – anger, cursing, mania.

    2 Deficient yang, cold, in the abdomen – shan disorder, hernia, pain a/or retraction of the scrotum.

    3 Useful in a detox prescription to assist the cleansing, especially with respect to emotional outbreaks

    The second indication struck me as the cold lodged in the abdomen (and then the male centred indication), could also be thought of as post-partum pain due to lack of yang movement to retract the uterus maybe?

    I do find that post-partum pain often has to do with inflammation of the bowel also, and the pain arises as the uterus retracts down it presses against the bowel and pain radiates.

    Just thoughts!!