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  • Sarah Tewhey

    Instructor's Assistant
    September 5, 2021 at 9:16 am

    Thank you Diana! This is so helpful and reassuring…and yes, walking the line between providing education and reassurance and also making sure she understands to watch herself closely and get to hospital if need be is a thin line to walk, indeed.

    She is doing gentle massage of her legs and arms to keep fluids circulating and also doing as much gentle yoga as she can manage. We also talked alot about nutrition for her partner and she was giving him soups and bone broths and is carrying that forward for herself. It looks as though her partner is perhaps starting to recover (we were very concerned about a kidney issue for a couple of days, but that seems to be resolving) and can care for her a bit, which is good.

    I don’t have that formula in stock, but thank you for mentioning it because it reminded me that I could have her make a tea with Gui Zhi and Gan Jiang, which she likely has on hand at home and I feel confident recommending in pregnancy.

    Thank you for your help! I appreciate it!