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  • Claudia Citkovitz

    September 23, 2021 at 2:11 pm

    Hi Tansy!

    Good news that mom is tall with a long torso, so space is likely not the issue. It’s not clear to me whether you have yet done a full course of home moxa — this does usually work well for oblique lies, but sounds like you may have tried this already. Most often when the oblique lie is really stubborn in my experience it reflects an asymmetry in mom’s pelvis or gait, so that her tension is actually pushing baby there. My fix for it is the ‘handwich’ (basically just craniosacral therapy where you have one hand each just above the sacrum (ming men) and pubic bone (dan tian). In that position I really feel like I can notice any twists and tension in the pelvic floor, and that just by it being noticed it tends to straighten out. Most of the time, in exploring these twists, I do wind up bringing my hand over to the side where the head is, in a spirit of inquiry why it’s there, and usually on inquiry the baby does just squiggle around straight. This is NOT pushing the head (which would be an ECV) but if you haven’t tried it yet is worth doing. Also, as Debra often notes, doing the home moxa now, even if it doesn’t work, seems to increase likelihood of the ECV working. If you want to write with more detail about what you’ve done already, we could have a more thorough discussion of points, etc.