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  • Tansy Briggs

    September 23, 2021 at 2:45 pm

    Hi Claudia, Thanks so much for the reply! So – we are about 5 days into the home moxa (she will continue up to 10 days). Such a good suggestion for the ‘handwich’ – I used to do this and totally forgot about it. Initial focus was to make as much space in the torso via back points and distal points to straighten out the spine, her posture and pelvic – as she does tend to slouch a bit. I see her Monday and will do the handwich and see how we do. She has been very guarded about telling me her situation. She is an old patient I haven’t seen for some years and she just popped in all of a sudden, pregnant. I can’t figure out if she is a single parent or has a partner or same gender partner. All she has said is she doesn’t know who the father is. I know she is living with her parents as she complains about them being too loud. Her background is Russian – and very anxious and serious. I did get her to laugh at a Putin joke I made… so … some progress 🙂 Will update. Many Thanks, Tansy