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  • Sarah Budd

    Instructor's Assistant
    September 26, 2021 at 9:49 pm

    Hi Jennifer. Forgive the simplicity of this but my first thought is to strongly advise her to stop work now. If she is worried about her maternity leave then her GP Doc can sign her off. I imagine when she is awake at night she must be worrying about work next day. Interesting to know if she sleeps any better on nights before days off. She wants to be prepared so this is an important investment for her and I fear for her being so exhausted with labour approaching so soon, potentially! At least if not working she can have some sleeps in the day to build up her Qi and Blood.

    I have had patients like this who are reluctant to stop working but I spent time discussing how much energy they are going to need not only for birth but definitely after eh? And for quite some time!!! Best wishes with your client.