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  • Ciara McNiff

    September 27, 2021 at 3:44 am


    I last saw this mom at 28 weeks. Her water broke at 31 weeks and she delivered via c-section after laboring for 22 hours. They were 3lbs 4oz and 3lbs 5 oz. The babies spent 14 weeks in the NICU and returned home this past weekend.

    After all of the conversation on the chat group- the mom found it hard and uncomfortable to follow through on any of the advice. She did stop work by 28 weeks and tried once or twice the hot showers, barley tea etc, but mostly was immobile due to the water retention. In her words, her “legs were so heavy it was impossible to move and my feet and knees were non-functional due to water retention by the end. “

    The recovery has been difficult as she is very deficient and finds it hard to go to the NICU daily. She needed a transfusion after the birth of baby B, as the placenta had grown into the uterus and the fatigue remains very high. She is feeding and pumping when she can, although it appears to be difficult (of course after all of this!)

    As for post partum treatments- she says she would like to come but cannot find the time. Bringing the babies home has been overwhelming and, although she has a lot of support, is all consuming.