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  • Ali Jopp

    September 27, 2021 at 10:09 am

    Hi Jennifer,

    I am wondering if this is a case of deficiency yang rising leading to heat? If that’s the case, the yin building foods might add to stagnation as she won’t be able to digest them properly. If she needs the yin building foods, I would add digestive aids.

    If it is yang deficiency, I really love cordyceps for that (though I haven’t used it during pregnancy), or maybe even a bit of moxa on ST36, as Amy suggests doing postpartum?

    I also find when there is a lot of heat like that that distal points on the HT/PC/LU/LV channel are amazing. No one WANTS to needle HT8 but it truly is like a pressure valve that clears off heat. HT8/9, PC9, LV1/2, LU11…I would find the most tender point and needle it.

    Some things she could try if she wakes with insomnia: I tell people to press on either side of their nail beds on each finger for about 30 seconds with a strong pressure. They will often intuitively find the organs where the heat is trapped and it will help them clear it and calm down.

    <font face=”inherit”>Finally, a friend who is a martial artist taught me to how to regulate </font>breathing by focusing on exhaling for as long as possible (ignoring inhalation); essentially, it leads to taking bigger, deeper breaths. For some people, it can profoundly impact their nervous systems and bodies.