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  • Tansy Briggs

    September 30, 2021 at 11:57 am

    Hello Claudia, you’re a genius! This past Tuesday I did the ‘handwich’. So much came up as well – from the history of her mother wanting her babies to be breech so she would have to have a c-section as she didn’t want to have her babies vaginally (and having them be breech – according to my patient – because her mom always gets ‘her way’). Also, my patient is sort of going against the grain about wanting a vaginal birth and other things (likes names, etc) that aren’t following the tradition of the family so to speak. Also, during the treatment, the baby moved a lot – I did feel she was beginning to move head down. She went the next day and her midwife confirmed the baby moved head down. Today she had an ultrasound which confirmed it as well. Thank you! Great Success 🙂

    Warmest, Tansy