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  • Jennifer Cahoon

    October 19, 2021 at 3:41 pm

    Thank you again for your suggestions. The patient was able to have nights of sleep until 4:30/5:30 am and was feeling more rested. I saw her today for a labor prep treatment as her OB is planning to start a medical induction with tablets tomorrow and on Friday with Pitocin if needed. She started sweating and became light-headed as I was placing the needles. I immediately removed all of the needles, gave her water and a cold compress. She felt better after a few minutes. I have not seen this before with a pregnant or non-pregnant patient. Does anyone have any input? I think this was too strong of a treatment for her. She also has congestion in her left ear and I wondered if this had an effect as well?

    Tongue: peeled sides, center crack, red surrounding the center crack

    Pulse: deficient LR/KD

    The patient was seated on a stool and leaning on the treatment table on pillows for her treatment. Her right ear down and left ear up. I needled her left ear: sympathetic, uterus, SM, LR, Endocrine, then light scalp massage, massage of GB-21 area, pressure with thumbs along her vetebrae. I started needling left TW-17, bilateral LI-4, ST-36, LR-3, SP-6 and then stopped. Any thoughts you could share are greatly appreciated. Thank you