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  • Lori Wilson

    October 23, 2021 at 4:03 pm

    Hi Ciara,

    I have had a handful of cases with fibroids during pregnancy. Most often these patients seek me out because they are experiencing discomfort and pain as their pregnancy progresses. Most all of have been fundal and as you know continue to grow with the pregnancy.

    As mentioned previously, I tend to stay clear of herbs during pregnancy for the most part and with the size of these fibroids, this patient would need to be taking herbs for a prolonged period of time which I am not comfortable prescribing. So, I treat with weekly acupuncture and adjust diet to limit phlegm forming foods/support the spleen to lessen phlegm/damp production. What I have found to be the most beneficial clinically in this instance is using Balance Method to help alleviate px and then additional points to address the overall pattern always keeping with the Balance theory. Do you know Balance Method? Using this method, I have found that the patients discomfort is immediately abated, which is what brought them in so they are happy. As we work together, the fibroids will stop growing as long as they are also following the dietary suggestions. If they don’t follow the dietary suggestions, the fibroids slow but may still continue to grow.

    I have had patients with multiple fibroids but not the sizes your patient is presenting with. I can only imagine how uncomfortable and fatiguing these fibroids are for her. Using herbs in this situation I do believe would help them shrink, I just don’t have the knowledge and experience with this. Perhaps someday I will take classes with Sharon 🙂

    I am no expert in Balance Method, but if you would like to brainstorm an acupuncture treatment together just let me know. Works like a charm to help alleviate pain and allows them to progress in their pregnancy a little more comfortably.