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  • Emilie Salomons

    October 24, 2021 at 10:24 am

    Lol sometimes I feel so conservative in my approach with herbs in pregnancy.
    I tend to focus on pain management and working on slowing growth through balancing whatever pattern is most prominent. I personally don’t focus on ‘shrinking’ the fibroid with herbs because once it is that size, I wouldn’t want to disturb the pregnancy. A lot of fibroid formulas include breaking up blood stasis (which are obviously a big no) or strong phlegm clearing, especially when you can physically palpate the mass. I like the idea of gently supporting the patient’s root pattern (which can be anything from dry, yin deficient, to yang deficient with water retention and phlegm accumulation), but if anything went sideways with the pregnancy and the patient told her doctor that she was taking herbs to shrink her fibroid, I would be super concerned blame would be transferred to you. (but again…I’m super conservative with herbs in pregnancy)

    Lori, it’s great to hear you are having such success alleviating pain with the balance method. I am using SA’AM or TCM acupuncture, but not balance method (although I did take some classes a long time ago). I think your balance method for fibroid pain would make a super interesting OBAA Roundtable since many people have taken balance method training. Let me know if you are ever interested in doing one with us!