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  • Ciara McNiff

    November 2, 2021 at 11:51 am

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I saw her yesterday and it was very interesting. She carries a spit cup around and spits into it every 30 seconds. Needless to say she is very down- she is wearing a mask and pulling it up and down to spit…

    She is 18 weeks- third pregnancy. She cannot stand any taste in her mouth and will only eat eggs, veggies and dip and some select cold foods- foods she calls bland. She cannot handle a lot. She drinks ice cold water with a little bit of apple juice in it. Anything warm makes the salivation worse and brings a metal taste in her mouth and makes her vomit. She vomits if she swallows the saliva but has no “hormonal pregnancy nausea or vomiting”- just from the saliva. She feels best if she does not eat or drink anything because it increases the saliva. She wakes at night to spit and if she falls asleep there is drool everywhere.

    She repeatedly talked about the metallic taste in her mouth being unbearable. Any taste makes it impossible for her to function as the saliva increases a lot. As a result, she is brushing her teeth many many times a day. She did not mention that smells are head for her to handle. Typically she eats veg meat and fruit and stays away from anything processed, sugar and grains…

    She has a little bit of flushing on her cheeks. She has some irritability but mostly just down.

    She tends towards constipation.

    Her tongue is purplish with no coat, a centre crack and a red tip.

    Her pulses are pretty typical prego slippery

    She would love to hear how other women handle this and what makes them feel better. She is very isolated, won’t even go to the store or leave the house because of covid etc she cannot carry a cup around and spit into it. Understandably, she regrets this pregnancy. Interestingly, her pregnancy with her first son had a lot of nausea and vomitting, her daughter was amazing and now she is carrying a boy again. Another interesting point is she has very high iron levels- the midwife said she has never seen anyone with that high of iron levels (she does not supplement).

    Thank you for any further feedback.