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  • Tansy Briggs

    November 3, 2021 at 1:21 pm

    Hi Ciara – the elevated iron levels in the blood had me thinking of a patient (not pregnant) I once had who had Hemochromatosis – it’s a genetic propensity to have too much iron in the blood. So, I wonder if the boys have caused her iron to elevate?? Did she have the elevated iron in all her pregnancies? or naturally prior? – just a thought. Anyway the treatment is to remove blood (as in giving blood every month), avoid any vitamin C (which increases iron absorption) and iron rich foods or supplements (ie. make sure she takes prenatal iron free), and chelation therapy to bind the iron. Obviously, she can’t give blood or do chelation since she’s pregnant – but maybe bleeding some appropriate points – like prick to bleed Du 14 and then cup it (with her sitting up) as a strategy. This is a very curious case. Keep us posted!