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  • Debra Betts

    November 4, 2021 at 5:04 pm

    Or how sad and understatedly is making this pregnancy so difficult for her

    Following a a conversation with Richard Niemtzow about excessive saliva he recommended using these TEE Me points (attached) he uses these – but not in pregnancy – his further comments below

    I had this in reserve for the next difficult patent who came through the door with the excessive saliva that did not respond. So, have no experience using but it might be worth trying if she had no real effect from treatment? Maybe even use pressure or ear seeds?

    Comments from Richard Niemtzow (editor of Medical Acupuncture)

    “Attached find the power point slide for TEE Me points. You should use a guide tube and put the needles in perpendicular. Do not needle GV but go to the left and right of the GV meridian keeping the needles perpendicular and not too deep to avoid the gum. Don’t let the needles hang like in the picture. I would add two more needles for a total of 4. It does hurt but it works! Try it! The patient will experience a very dry mouth in 10 minutes with a sort of metallic tasted that will go away after the needles have been removed. Treat for 20 minutes. It almost always works.”