• Yvonne Farrell

    November 21, 2021 at 10:35 am

    Good question. I find that for me, it usually comes down to one of 2 things. Either I am not breathing or I am not grounded. Both of those things seems to happen when I am a little triggered by a person’s story.

    If I reassert the breathing and grounding and I still cannot clear my intent then I get my hands on the patient’s body. Generally, for me creating a deeper connection with the patient will usually help me to create a clearer intent.

    In the work that I do in the classroom/clinic with students the most common thing I see is that practioners leave their bodies instead of expanding from their core to make the connection. That may have something to do with the empathy. This profession seems to attract people with a ton of empathy and very often people do not know how to separate that empathy from enmeshment or co-dependency. Active/ conscious grounding seems to help that.