• Kelli Pallansch

    January 6, 2022 at 2:58 pm

    As far as community, I always thought of them in a very large sense. Living in big cities has not helped this. So I always felt my presence or contribution to them as being inherently small. Now I’ve shifted to see that just how I sit in the park across the street has a very meaningful impact on the community around me, whether that’s the trees at my back and grass under my feet, a bird walking by, or how I am simply breathing with all these other people who are sharing a sliver of time in a park with me. Or a small act like going to my local book store to see if they will order me a copy of Kigo is meaningful community.

    I’ve done both one-on-one virtual healing sessions (as practitioner and patient), and also participated in virtual sessions with groups of thirty or so others. They have all been profound to me and the virtual-ness has not impacted the collective feeling into a group or the medicine or the magic. What seems to benefit all of this is having the same people meet regularly, as well as a way to communicate with all or specific individuals outside of virtual sessions. I can most easily tune into the collective energy virtually when the session starts with some sort of guided meditation where we all close our eyes, breath together, and tap into it together. It’s not always possible, but the more people can have their cameras on and we can see each other in our spaces helps me a lot as well. In a way it’s easier to connect because most of us are in the comfort of our own spaces so it’s easier to open up and stay vulnerable. Animals pick up on it too and Cat and Betty both lay near me or on me in ways they typically do not, so that is another layer to the magic.