• Kate Rosko

    January 23, 2022 at 7:49 am

    Lauren, great to meet you as well! I know we’ll have lots of support this year in coming forward with exactly how we’d like to be practicing, and am looking forward to connecting more on that as the year unfolds. I am also very interested in your use of tarot in sessions! Tarot has been such an amazing tool for me personally, but I’ve never brought it into the treatment room. I would love to hear more about that from you at some point. And I so appreciate your reflection on how the issues arising for people you’re working with now don’t necessarily have language in Chinese medicine…I love where you’re going with the archetypes as a possible way towards that. I’m kind of thinking that like the element of Air, Love is just so deeply a part of Source, it’s like there was no need to be explicit about it. I really belief that our role as healers now is to bridge that gap…staying tuned : )