• kristine williams

    January 23, 2022 at 12:47 pm

    Aphrodite has always had some sort of resonance with me, as a young person my first email address is a nod to her (seamist…) bc I read she came from the mist of the sea. The Goddess archetype in general was always fascinating to me I think bc there was examples of powerful yet beautiful women (feminine), which is hard to find, especially as a young person. Plus I enjoyed that mystical aspect, something beyond earthly beings that I could connect to.

    <font face=”inherit”>So apparently, my NN is conjunct career line/Saturn line in 9H, in the sign of Gemini (sign of student and mind) and I am having a nodal return — per my astrologer 🙂 I am definitely still learning in the world of astrology but I love it. </font>

    I love that, my anxiety is inviting me to a piece of gold. Thank you!

    I will attach my kitties you don’t have to ask me twice lol