• Lauren Potts

    January 24, 2022 at 4:41 pm

    Coming back around to this now, and thanks for your interest Ann! Part of the beauty of Tarot that first drew me in was that without having any prior knowledge of Tarot I could look at a reading and understand much of what was being expressed to me through the images. And I love that Tarot interpretations live, to some extent, in the eye of the beholder. So my understanding of Tarot is informed by study (particularly with Lindsay Mack) but more so by my personal relationship with the cards as I reflect on how and when they turn up in my life. That’s my disclaimer for knowing that not everyone might have the same relationship with these cards as I’m expressing 🙂

    So – the 3 of Cups comes up here with an energy of celebration and engagement among sacred, like-minded community. So appropriate for the time spent among all you wonderful people this weekend! And this card came up for me as a theme for the month of January- I knew it was referring to this community we are creating.

    The undercurrent – the 6 of Cups has a classical interpretation of childhood memories and re-discovery of old aspects of ourselves. It often points to Inner Child themes. This was alive for me this weekend for sure as I really feel a sense of homecoming in the territory of alchemical healing. There’s also an aspect of this card that speaks to a new opening of the heart. Like the first spark of possibility of new love after a heartbreak (5 of Cups) or the first hint of Spring after a cold and hard winter. There’s a marvel and excitement and hope to it that I feel with this mentorship.

    Finally, the anchor card – Knight of Pentacles. One of my favorite allies! I see Pentacles energy as very much about bringing our Soul centered work into the physical world. Very aligned with the Yi. This Knight is slowest moving of the Knights – barely moving at all but more gathering in resources and preparing for a journey into the territory of one’s Soul work so that when Divine timing is right we are ready to go. This totally feels like what we were doing this weekend. Sort of mapping the lay of the land and readying ourselves, slowly and intentionally, for the journey we are each beginning.

    Thanks for reading if you have! This reading landed beautifully for me and I just thought others might also relate