• Lucy Lee

    January 30, 2022 at 9:55 am

    I consider myself a grounded person; I haven’t always been but I have cultivated it over time. When I do qigong now, I can easily get to that place where I feel the Bubbling Spring at K1; that connection and interchange with the earth. To my pleasant surprise, after 2 days of using Black Spruce on K1, I Really felt rooted in a way that I rarely have before. I realized that my tender little rootlets were nothing in comparison to this much larger force that I could draw through. I also feel myself standing taller, stiller. I allow the sunshine in to nourish my spirit, as well as allow time to stretch out every now and then. How much of that is the essential oil and how much of that is all the rest of the work we are doing, I am not sure but I am excited to keep working with this ally and what else it has to show me. I happened to have this oil in my small collection as it was gifted to me a long time ago but I never paid it much attention before. Feeling grateful for the introduction.