• Tara Diaz

    February 5, 2022 at 3:13 pm

    Hi Laura and Everyone,

    My name is Tara Diaz and I practice in the South Bay of Los Angeles. I’ve been licensed for 8 years and have always had an interest in fertility since my time at Emperor’s College. I took my first fertility CEU during my first quarter as an intern with Laura and Yvonne Farrell and I still refer to my notes from that class all the time.

    After getting licensed and having both my kids, I opened my practice as a general practitioner accepting all kinds of insurance patients which made my practice busier than I had the bandwidth for. It also wasn’t great for my fertility practice, as people are very disappointed to find out that insurance covers conditions and not modalities.

    This past summer, I shifted my practice once again dropping insurance, and focusing on my true loves of fertility and internal medicine. I signed up for the Aborm exam and am taking it in March.

    I’m so excited for this mentorship, I think the piece that is really missing for me, is the clinical pearls and honing my diagnostic skills. Once we’re in practice, it feels like we’re all on our own island, and I can’t wait to hear how other people do things. I am very pleasantly surprised about how much experience everyone brings to this program and I can’t wait to meet your all at our q&a’s and such.