• Bonnie Koeppe

    February 6, 2022 at 8:13 am

    Hi Everyone! My name is Bonnie Koeppe. I am very excited to join this amazing group! I am a newly registered TCM practitioner since 2020 but I have been an RN since 2001. Because of covid, I haven’t started my practice yet, but plan to this summer. My healthcare experience has been a little bit of everything to say the least. I started off in palliative care in people’s homes and oncology, pain & symptom management. Around 2010 I certified in High Risk Obstetrics and worked in labour&delivery/surgery/lactation and ambulance transfers of neonates/mom’s. I did 2 years of a Midwifery degree at Uni in Toronto but had to stop because one of my kids was sick and life just got busy and I never went back : )

    I am very much interested in women’s health and gynaecology in general and this course is a wonderful starting point for me. My goal is to not have a busy practice but live a more peaceful existence where quality of care and working more slowly is a priority.

    Right now I am working 12 hr nights in a remote area of Ontario at the tail-end of the recent covid surge and so I hope to do the live classes starting next week once my brain starts to function again and I get regular sleep. I had a patient to work with along this mentorship but gasp! she got pregnant!! hahaha… Anyway, it is a pleasure to meet and work with everyone!