• Lorie Dechar

    February 7, 2022 at 8:00 am

    Sarah! I am taking a deep breath after reading this post on your prima materia. I totally get that you weren’t expecting this piece of work to show up but that is the interesting thing about Inner Sensing. The practice has a way of allowing the body/soul wisdom to lead us to where we need to be even if our mind would never have gone there.

    This is such a big chunk of lead, Sarah, but as you say, the mentorship is a container that can open us to this level of work. My suggestion for now (and we will certainly continue this conversation) is go slow and take very good care of that little 23 month old. If you are accustomed to using flower essences, you might consider Stat of Bethlehem as an ally for your healing. Star of Bethlehem is a gentle but powerful support for healing, transforming and clearing trauma whether acute or from childhood.

    Here is a picture of the flower. Sit with it and see if it resonates for you. If you decide to work with it as part of your prima materia exploration, instructions for use are included in the Alchemical Tools notes we provided at the Intro Session as well as in The Alchemy of Inner Work and feel free to ask questions!