• Lorne Brown

    February 9, 2022 at 8:26 am

    Hi Erin,

    This is a good place to ask this kind of question. I am sure others have it too so they will benefit from your asking and me responding.

    There a small handful of you who completed the intro course on the Healthy Seminars (HS) website when it first offered in October 2021 or the months following leading up to the mentorship program (MP).

    You do not need to do it again on the MP site. It is unlikely your reg body will accept two certificates for the same course even if certificates (HS & MP) different dates for your same reporting (renewal) period.

    Ignore the incomplete on the into part in the MP. It will not affect your status in the MP. Or, if you like it to look neat and complete you can fill out the worksheet and quiz as well as evaluation to have look complete. Just know you likely cannot submit both HS &MP certificates for the intro to your regulatory body.

    For those reading down this far and who did not register for the intro on HS, you obviously need to complete it on the MP site. And if you register for it on HS but did not complete it then you may as well complete this month here on the MP site.

    Reminder to all of you in the MP. You currently have 15 available CEUs to you now and I invite you to complete them now. The intro course (3 CEU) and the opening weekend, Jan 22 (6 CEU) and Jan 23 (6CEU). I am a fan of momentum and I know for me if I complete them by end of next week I would feel like have some wind in my sail and I love it when momentum starts to carry me 🙂

    I will post an email about CEUs soon as we had a private question about it and I think the group would benefit from it so will post shortly.

    Keep it playful,

    Lorne, moderator