• Lorne Brown

    February 9, 2022 at 10:29 am

    Hi Montana,

    We did not have time today to ask questions from the forums. I am not sure how often we can ask an individuals question from the forum as those live participants get priority and their questions usually take the hour.

    I am hoping our group can provide peer support in the forums. So, keep posting them. I will share my 2 cents and I hope others chime in too.

    I suggest patients in bed by 10pm. I share that sleep before midnight is more restorative than after midnight. And if you need to catch up on sleep, more beneficial to go to bed earlier than sleep in. Like you, I heard best practice is to wake up same time. Here is a blog on why to go to bed before midnight.

    I am curious what Chinese medicine theory states about this. Montana, can you elaborate more about the Chinese clock and how you use this theory to coach patients sleep.

    Reminder, Laura is not expected to respond to forum questions. Forums are more for peer support. She will troll them though and possibly address discussions we are having here during office hours. If she answered our individual questions in the forums then there is the risk of her not having a life and also us not going to office hours. So post for your peers and you can let Laura know you need clarity too in the forums. She will then be aware of your questions when coming to her office hours or teaching her upcoming modules. And if we have lack of questions, we can go tot the forums to ask questions.

    Thanks for your question Montana and getting me thinking 🙂