• Kate Rosko

    February 9, 2022 at 2:06 pm

    Kelli, I love what you said about noticing community being in small places. That is a big YES for me…like starting there rather than with an abstract concept. Thank you for that!

    Benjamin, I love knowing this about you! Both your astrology placements and that early experience with community. I can only imagine the hijinks, tediousness, successes and failures of a venture like that! And regarding your reflections on the network, it is so clear to me too that it has a life force of its own…it just grows and grows, and in a way that feels very aligned. Bravo for bringing that vision into being.

    What’s surfacing for me around this topic right now is the unsustainability of my lone wolf tendencies that started very early on as a response within a fragile and dysfunctional family structure, and that has manifested within some extreme lifestyle swings. I lived in NYC for 20 years with a hyperactive and adrenalized social life and vast friend group, then moved upstate to the woods where for the past 10 years I have really focused inwards, on my personal healing and practice and a few, close relationships. I’ve been able to stay separate and feeling on my own in both of those ways.

    I think the network is helping me adjust my nervous system to being in deeper community with others. It definitely helped me take the leap into this mentorship. And I would love for it to, and suspect it will, help me to be more in and create IRL community moving forward. I will be moving from my little cottage in the woods to a more urban area this spring (because, covid)…so it seems like in a few ways my Tao is giving me a nudge in that direction.

    One more thing: one of my greatest amazements right now, is that after a zoom with everyone at ANP my brain seems to proliferate new ideas and aha’s that I never would have imagined imagining on my own — it’s like I get tapped into a hive mind or higher consciousness and new thoughts take shape and grow freely. It is really, really, really cool🌱