• Lorie Dechar

    February 10, 2022 at 7:10 am

    Kelli, thanks for posting your Prima Materia. It’s clear from what you have written that you are already deeply engaged in discovering the gold in this lead. What I’m understanding is that your inner work for the year will be around “discovering your capacity to receive … ” particularly to receive the love, appreciation and support that is available to you, that comes towards you from the outer world but also from your own inner resources.

    Does that get at it?

    I do agree that Black Spruce EO is a great alchemical ally to begin working with. The generosity, steadfastness and presence of this tree will come through the oil into you, strengthening your soul forces as you move through this process.

    That is a powerful memory you shared about your intra-uterine experience and the trauma of your early experience with your mother. I am so so sorry that you went through that. And yet, the transformation of this kind of lead into gold is exactly the work we are called to do – for ourselves and for others – as Alchemical Healers.

    So glad you are opening to receiving, Kelli! I look forward to continuing the alchemical journey with you this year and in years to come!